Miami is America's Sixth Sickest City

We're not quite allergic to The Daily Beast's trademark city ranking listicle yet, but their latest has us feeling a little sick. According to their statistics, Miami is America's sixth sickest city. No, that's not "sick" as in "perverted" or "sick" as in bro-talk for "awesome," though we have a feeling we'd do well in both those categories, but "sick" as in we cough a lot.

The Daily Beast used four indicators to come up with the rankings: "positive influenza tests from the week ending September 4 through February 19," "Statewide Vaccination Coverage," "Influenza and pneumonia deaths per 100,000 people," and "Estimated flu activity, remainder of the flu season."

Here's how Miami ranked:

Flu test rank: 11th

Statewide vaccination coverage: 64.3%

Flu and Pneumonia deaths per 100,000: 42

Estimated flu activity, remainder of flu season: +1.54%

We're not the sickest in Florida, though. Tampa and Jacksonville rank higher at number 2 and number 5 respectively. Orlando also comes in at number sixteen.

Florida may be well represented on the list, but the sickest city in America is Dayton, Ohio.

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Kyle Munzenrieder