Miami is America's Scruffiest City

Men in Miami like it scruff. According to a new survey, only a meager 16 percent of dudes in the area bother to shave regularly. Which seems somewhat counterintuitive given the heat and what not, but then you remember that everyone here acts like they're on vacation all the time and it sort of makes sense.

Of course, the survey is one of those pseudo-scientific ones put out by a company trying to pimp its wares. In this case it's for Schick's Hydro Blast line of razors, so take it with a grain of salt. Plus it seems to have only surveyed men in four different cities: Miami, LA, Chicago and New York.

Yet that 16 percent seems sort of low, doesn't it? Then again, Los Angeles came in tops for smoothest city with 23 percent saying they shaved regularly. The survey defined regular shaving as five to seven times a week, which kind of seems excessive?

Oddly, the survey found that 52 percent of men in Miami feel more confidant after a good shave, which is more than any other city. So apparently we love how we feel after we shave, but never get around to doing it. Odd.

The survey also drops the random tidbit that 10 percent of Miami list going to the nude beach as their favorite spontaneous activity. No word on whether the face is the only thing they're shaving before they do that.

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