Miami Hurricanes Take Care of Boston College 41-30 After Shaky Start

For about eight minutes it seemed like the worst predictions about this year's young Hurricanes squad seemed like they were going to come true. Boston College racked up two TDs, while the Hurricanes could only muster a four and out. It was like we were watching the Dolphins, and we'll have enough of that crap starting next week.

Then something happened. The team's young talent apparently realized, "Well, holy shit, we're playing in an actual college football game for the Miami Hurricanes" and promptly started playing like how you expect a 'Canes squad to play against the Boston College Eagles: ass kicking.

Lets talk about Duke Johnson because everyone is talking about Duke Johnson, because he certainly is something to talk about.
With two seasons of eligibility left, Lamar Miller decided to hightail it to the NFL at the end of last season. Perhaps he wanted to play for a competent, solid, controversy-free organization who actually had a chance to compete for championships. Instead he wound up being drafted by the Dolphins. Tough break buddy.

In his place, true freshman running back Duke Johnson came out of nowhere for a monster game. He racked up 135 yards on seven carries, including a monster 54 yard rush to the end zone in the second quarter.

He also racked up plaudits on Twitter from Canes fans well known:

And from a guy who realized that the second best way to ingratiate himself with the local fan base aside from winning championships is to talk up the 'Canes.

Apparently LeBron wasn't watching that Ohio State game.

Stephen Morris was solid, which is an improvement at the QB position
Over the past four years we've developed some Pavlovian response to just expect a QB in orange and green to throw an interception every other possession. Morris only gave up one, and it was legitimately, 100 percent, not even his fault.

His long game was pretty non existent though. His longest pass only racked up 21 yards, and overall he averaged just 4.6 per completion, while BC's Chase Rettig averaged 8.6 (thanks D, but we'll get to that in a second).

Morris also only through one of the Canes touchdowns. But, you know, congratulations on not fucking up anything too majorly. Gold star.

This was a sloppy game, but thank God BC was sloppier.
Players were dropping passes in this game like they were the bass in a Skrillex song.

This game was more fumbly than a nervous IT tech hooking up with a super model.

Thankfully, Miami was the first team to realize that when the other team fumbles the ball you can recover it and claim possession. BC never figured that out.

They won the turnover game here, including Denzel Perryman turning an interception into a touchdown late in the first that really turned the tide in this game.

Boston College wasn't able to exploit Miami's mistakes, but other teams on the schedule could. Lets a clean it up a bit, guys.

Oy, the Defense
While the D did a good job containing BC's rushing defense, and only gave up 100 rushing yards, they didn't have much of an answer for Rettig's passing game. Which, no offense to the guy, is a game that shouldn't have too difficult of an answer.

They gave up 441 passing yards. In last season's final game, a loss to Boston College, they only let Retting pass for 245 years.

We've definitely found Miami's weakness this season and its name is "pass defense." Then again, given the way the first eight minutes of this game played out, we're glad that was the only glaring problem uncovered this afternoon.

Besides, things could have been worse. We could have been giving a serious challenge by a MAC team.

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