Miami Hurricanes Player Files Police Complaint Against NCAA Investigators

Oh, you didn't think the NCAA's investigation into the Miami Hurricanes could get any messier? Well, now Miami Hurricanes players Dyron Dye has filed a police report against an NCAA investigator claiming that an NCAA investigator coerced and intimidated him into answering questions.

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Dye and his attorney, Darren Heitner, filed the incident report on Friday with Coral Gables police. Back in August 2011, Dye, a defensive linemen, met with now retired NCAA investigator Rich Johanningmeier twice in one day. Dye allegedly confessed that former UM assistant coach Aubrey Hill let recruits stay at his house and would take them out on the town to a fancy bowling alley with Nevin Shapiro paying the bill. Though, Dye later signed an affidavit claiming that he had received no such benefits.

The NCAA interviewed Dye again last week to try and hammer out the inconsistencies between his interviews and the affidavit.

Dye then decided to file the police report. He claims that Johanningmeier "threatened" him by using insinuations that he could take Dye's eligibility away unless Dye gave the answers he wanted to hear. Though, Dye couldn't remember many specifics beyond that.

It's unclear if the Coral Gables PD will actually follow up on the mater, but if the NCAA finds Dye was inconstant he could be punished and possibly ruled ineligible.

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