Miami Hotels Are Pretty Much Booked For New Year's Eve

Maybe there're some idiots somewhere still looking for a hotel room in Miami on New Year's Eve, but they're gonna have to have big cash.

Less than 1 out of 10 hotels in the entire area have any vacancies left for the holiday, and on average, the rates on those rooms are 185 percent more than what they'd normally be.

MiamiHotels.com reports that the city's hotel room supply is pretty much booked solid.

If you're looking for a room on the beach, you'll pay, on average, 249 percent more. Individual hotels have rate hikes that are much higher.

A junior room at the Fashion House Hotel on Miami Beach usually goes for just $169. Though, if you want one of the few that are left on NYE, you'll be shelling out $999 for the night. That's a 491 percent increase. However, that's a bit of an outlier, the Fashion House isn't alone in exorbitant rate hakes. It's supply and demand after all. In fact, it's nearly impossible to book a double room on the beach for the night for anything less than $400.

Here are the biggest rates hikes in Miami:

If you're looking for a deal, MiamiHotels.com suggests either booking form multiple nights or looking around the airport.

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