Miami Herald Wants You to Taste the Rainbow

Today, the Miami Herald splashed one of those Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce promotional brochures on the newspaper's homepage and called it journalism. Citing a report by Miami's Downtown Development Authority claiming condo sales increased 110 percent over the first six months of 2009, chamber spokeswoman reporter Toluse Olorunnipa proclaims, "Even as home prices have continued to drop across South Florida,

downtown Miami -- the hub of the over-development that many believe

sparked the housing market collapse -- seems poised for a comeback." PFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!

The only real nugget of interesting information is buried all the way at the bottom, which could have made a helluva business story if you ask me:

A number of major issues still hinder Miami's downtown from rivaling
some of the other metropolitan hubs like Chicago and New York, said
Sharon Dresser, co-founder of High Street Retail USA in Midtown.

The lack of flagship shopping destinations, inadequate public
transportation between central downtown and areas like Midtown and the
Design District and "real or perceived" safety issues all need to be
addressed, she said.

"If you want to do serious shopping, you have to leave the downtown area," she said.

The best is the photo of the rainbow-enhanced downtown Miami skyline. I'm surprised the Herald didn't Photoshop a smiling sun in there too.

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