Miami Herald, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Newspaper, Now Trafficking in Sandra Bullock Nazi Sex Tape Rumors

We certainly aren't above trafficking in celeb rumors, but we haven't won 20 Pulitzer prizes. In fact, when we do delve into pop culture hearsay we at least make sure it's relevant to the local community, and report it with a heavy tone of skepticism when applicable.

The Miami Herald apparently doesn't hold itself to the same celebrity gossip standards as New Times, or for that matter, any of the other papers who, along with the Herald, won a Pulitzer in 2009.

Right now on the front page of the Herald's website, in the top right hand corner under the "Highlights" section is the headline "Nazi sex tapes in Sandra Bullock saga?"

The unsigned article says Bullock may be in a homemade sex tape with Nazi paraphernalia. The sources: Radar Online (which lost all credibility by ridiculously botching a rumor that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was stepping down) and notoriously hacky celeb biographer Ian Halperin.

We decided to check every other website for a paper that won a Pulitzer in 2009, everything from the Las Vegas Sun to the New York Times. Unsurprisingly not a single one has decided this is web front page news. Funny thing is Herald executive editor Anders Gyllenhaal is serving on next year's Pulitzer board. The same board that will decide if The National Enquirer should be recognized for its coverage of the John Edwards scandal.

You'd think Gyllenhaal would be a bit more conservative about allowing his paper to run sketchy reports on celebs, considering his nephew is Jake Gyllenhaal. By the way guys, did you hear Perez Hilton says he's a total closet case? I wonder when we'll see that on the home page of the Herald?

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