Miami Herald Exclusively Reports that People Groan at the Very Mention of The Miami Herald

It's suspended police chief Miguel Exposito's big day in front of the City Commission. The Miami Herald's been furiously tweeting away over their @MiamiHeraldLive Twitter account, and the Tweets are likely to be more entertaining than what you'll end up reading in the actual Miami Herald tomorrow. Especially the part where the Herald reporter tweets that the entire room groaned at the very mention of the Miami Herald.

How incredibly sad. How incredibly meta.

Though, we also learned this exciting fact: "Lunchtime update: While all sides eat at Scotty's Landing, Erik Estrada of CHiPs fame shows up, meets #Exposito and friends. #onlyinmiami."

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Other than that, the proceeding so far seems to be the Michele Spence-Jones show. The recently re-sworn commissioner is believed to be the swing vote on Exposito's fate, and appears to be dominating with quips and questions.

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