Miami Herald Cut 24 More Jobs This Morning

It seems any news coming out about 1 Herald Plaza is uniformly depressing, and today is no different. According to our colleagues at the Juice, publisher David Landsberg sent an email this morning informing the Miami Herald staff that 24 more jobs have been cut -- seven of which came out of the newsroom. Those affected were notified this morning. 

Several non-newsroom staffers will have their workweek reduced to 37.5 hours but will still keep their full-time status. 

"The move is part of our ongoing effort to ride out this unprecedented period of economic turmoil. While we are seeing some signs of improvement on the horizon, we expect operating conditions to remain challenging through much of 2010," Landsberg wrote. But he doesn't elaborate on what those "signs of improvement on the horizon" are. 

The number is small compared to the 370 laid of in 2008, and the other 175 let go this past March, but it certainly isn't a good sign that things are improving. Plus it's never nice to get a pink slip so close to the holidays. For more about South Florida's dying dailies, check out Broward New Times' cover story

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Kyle Munzenrieder