Miami Heat Might Just Fatten Up Chris Bosh and Make Him Play Center

Sometimes when you're desperately searching for something, you step back and realize that the answer was right there in front of you the whole time. Like remembering your missing glasses are actually on your face, or realizing you're in love with your best friend, or, you know, the Miami Heat deciding to just play Chris Bosh at center.

Finding a full time starting center has been more elusive for the Heat then winning a championship. The team has gone through more big men than the auditions to cast Chewbacca, and still haven't found an answer. And it didn't appear that they were going to get that answer this offseason either.

Now, Barry Jackson at the Herald reports that Bosh is gaining weight and will take on the role, kind of:

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Chris Bosh is adding bulk (six pounds of lean muscle) to prepare for the rigors of playing a full season at center.

Bosh let it be known when he originally came to town in 2010 that he didn't want to make the the transition from power forward to center, but he found himself playing the role frequently last season.

Of course, the Heat are doing their best to redefine traditional positions anyway. LeBron James still considers himself a forward, but has done pretty good impressions of a point guard and, at times, a center himself.

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