Miami Has The Highest Overdraft Fees in the Country

You know when you're planning an awesome rager, so you go to the liquor store to pick up like six cases of Bartles & Jaymes and put it on your debit card? Then you remember maybe you don't have enough money in your account to pay for all that Bartles & Jaymes, but it's cool, you have a check you can deposit first thing in the morning, but then you're hung over from all that Bartles & Jayes and forget to, and then get hit with an overdraft fee. Yeah, happens to the best of us all the time.

Well, in Miami the consequences are worse, because of all the markets in the US we have the highest average overdraft fees, Florida has the highest by state, and the South has the highest by region.

The average charged in Miami is $30.26, while in San Francisco you'd only be charged $22.39. Ouch.

Things aren't likely to get better anytime soon either, as banks tighten their purses they increasingly rely on overdraft fees as a large source of profit.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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