Miami Falls From Top of List of City With Hottest People For the First Time in Years

In absolutely bone chilling news that will shake the greater Miami area to its very core: Our fair city has fallen from its perennial position as the number one city with the most attractive people on Travel + Leisure's annual "America's Favorite Cities List." God dammit people, what is going on here?

Maria, are your roots showing? Tony, what did I tell you about sit ups? That's right, when you have nothing else to do, you better be working on your abs. Tara, you need to go easy on the Botox. You're starting to look a little Nicole Kidman-y. Tito, you need to get an appointment with your back waxer, and Sarah, holy crap, is that a pimple?

This is serious people!

Yes, after coming in at the top spot of T+L's list of cities with the most attractive people for years now, Miami has fallen all the way down to four. Oh, you don't think that's serious? Let me tell you, the fourth most attractive is really just the third least ugly, OK.

In our place, somehow, is Savannah, Georgia. I don't think it's a coincidence that the only girls I know named Savannah are strippers.

Travel + Leisure's annual "America's Favorite Cities" list asks its readers to rank cities based on a number of different criteria. Apparently their readers think we've falling off a little in the looks department.

However, we did get voted as having the third most stylish people. We also had top ten finishes for "Wild Weekend" trips, as well as for "big name restaurants," "luxury stores," "stylish boutique hotels," "weather," and "people watching."

But we did come in at the bottom ten in a lot more categories. We apparently fail in every local food specialty and culture category. We could go on a rant about that, but, really, we're stunned by our failure in the sexy department. This is a local emergency. We need to, ahem, bring sexy back. So go out and work on your sexiness and we'll all meet back here in a year and hope for the best. Tony, why are you still standing there? I'm serious about those sit ups!

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Kyle Munzenrieder