Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill.
Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill.
Photo by George Martinez

Miami Dolphins Should Trade Ryan Tannehill and Start Over

Recently, rumors have swirled that the Miami Dolphins want to trade Jarvis Landry in order to jump into the first five picks of April's NFL draft so they can snatch an elite-quarterback prospect. That would raise an obvious question: Uh, so what's up with Ryan Tannehill? Head coach Adam Gase publicly backed Tannehill this week as the team's starter, but why would the Fins be looking to trade away prime assets to find his backup if they were so content with Tannehill?

That makes no sense. It's just another example of the Dolphins chasing their own tail and never committing to a master plan that makes any sense for the future of the franchise. They need to get it together and make a quick decision. The Fins should trade Tannehill and get to the future now. Not next season. Not if Tannehill tears a knee again in training camp. Tomorrow, because fans are sick of waiting.

Just go full Marlins and start over. It's a wrap. Stop kidding yourselves.

The Dolphins are definitely not a team built to win now. Sure, anything can happen in the NFL, but any sane Dolphins fan will tell you roughly 77 things would have to fall perfectly into place for this roster to be the one holding a trophy next February. They aren't that team. They're seriously flawed, and that includes the fact that their 30-year-old quarterback is entering his seventh NFL season with more questions about his ability than answers. They'd be better off getting whatever they can from a QB-needy team, like Denver, and starting over with one of the quarterbacks in this year's draft.

The Dolphins are reportedly trying to trade Jarvis Landry — a wide receiver who has 400 catches since they drafted him in the second round four season ago — for a couple of spots in the first round or for a middle-round pick. They're doing this after Landry has done more in his first four seasons than any other player at his position has ever done in that amount of time. Does that sound like a team that is trying to win now? No. It sounds like a team that has a terrible cap situation, a bad roster, and not much hope moving forward.

It would take forever to recap just how screwed the Dolphins are by a catastrophic cap that inexplicably coincides with a broken-down roster lacking elite talent. Besides, those issues are well known. They are about to pay a defensive tackle more money than any quarterback in the NFL outside of two guys. And that number only gets worse moving forward.

The Dolphins are a mess. It's time to blow it all up and start over. Waiting to see if their quarterback who is recovering from two knee injuries and will be 33 by the time they don't suck — all while spending high picks and good players on finding his replacement — would be a very Dolphins thing to do.

For once, the Fins need to completely clean house and start over. Build this team right through the draft. Find young players who care about this team and want to invest in it. Being in the middle of the pack and knowing your team has no chance is getting old, and the fan base is growing tired of watching it unfold every Sunday.

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