Miami Dolphins Should Sign Johnny Manziel

For Miami Dolphins fans, Ryan Tannehill's knee injury on one of the first days of training camp set an all-time record for quickest disappointment. Normally, the Dolphins wait until the actual regular season begins to rip out fans' hearts, so seeing the star quarterback succumb to a serious knee injury in early August was a new high score of suck. It's rare that the Fins wreck your hopes and dreams before Labor Day, but here we are, picking up the pieces.

While many right-thinking people urged the Dolphins to sign Colin Kaepernick to replace Tannehill, the team ended up bringing in recently retired Jay Cutler on Sunday to take over the starting job.

There is another guy, though, that the Dolphins should take a flier on. A backup plan, if you will. A player that is certainly worthy of third-string break-in-case-of-emergency status. Someone who wouldn't require the sort of $10 million deal Cutler received.

His name is Johnny "Football" Manziel. Yes, we are serious. No, we are not day drinking. Not today, anyway.

Let's get crazy. Let's take our pants off and get weird. Why not? The NFL gods obviously hate the Miami Dolphins, so let's go nuclear. Jay Cutler isn't exactly Drew Brees, so it would be a great idea if the Dolphins began to formulate a contingency plan behind him outside of throwing Matt Moore and his eye black under center.

You're probably asking yourself: Why are we worrying about the Dolphins third-string quarterback? Easy: because not worrying about it got the Dolphins in the situation they are in now. Matt Moore and Brandon Doughty are low-risk, low-reward options. Doughty is nothing more than a practice arm, and Moore is nothing more than a placeholder who can win a game or two, but not propel a team in the long run. Moore has proved his limitations repeatedly.

The Dolphins should be taking a chance not only on Kaepernick's talents, but also on Manziel. Is Johnny Manziel not a higher-ceiling player than current third-stringer Brandon Doughty? Of course he is. He's also willing to take any job in the NFL right now. Manziel may not have been worth the first-round pick the Cleveland Browns used on him a handful of years ago, but he's certainly worth a look at the back end of a roster.

On top of everything else, if the Dolphins end up finding out Manziel has a chance to live up to the hype, they could flip him in-season to a team desperate enough for a quarterback. Can you ever see a team calling the Dolphins to trade for Brandon Doughty? Isn't the point to collect as much talent as possible?

By all accounts, Manziel has his shit together again after years of off-field drama. He's getting married and he's stayed off TMZ. If the Dolphins are desperate for quarterback talent, they should check out the former Heisman Trophy winner.
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