Miami Dolphins Should Draft QB Lamar Jackson, the NFL's Most Explosive Prospect
Photo by Ian Witlen

Miami Dolphins Should Draft QB Lamar Jackson, the NFL's Most Explosive Prospect

The Miami Dolphins are boring. They lack star power. They aren't appointment television unless you're marking it in your calendar to miss their games. Their decades-old sad act has their fans finding much more in common with apathetic Marlins lovers than they do Heat Nation. The Dolphins are in desperate need of an exciting change of course, and fast, or South Florida will lose interest.

So this offseason, the Dolphins need to take some chances. It's time for them to roll the dice and look to the future, not the past, of the NFL. It's time for the Dolphins to do something outside the box and select record-breaking Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson in this year's NFL draft.

Not Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield. Not UCLA's Josh Rosen. And definitely not Wyoming's Josh Allen. Lamar Jackson. He's the home-run swing.

The ex-Boynton Beach High star is by far the most exciting player in this year's draft and could catapult the Fins in a direction completely different from the one they're headed now. Jackson scored 119 touchdowns, threw for 9,000 yards, and rushed for more than 4,000 yards in only three years at Louisville. He was a human highlight film who made opponents look silly every Saturday. He was everything the Dolphins haven't been since Dan Marino took his last snap: exciting, unpredictable, and, win or lose, entertaining as hell.

Why wouldn't the Dolphins take a shot on a player Mike Vick calls his "spitting image"? They should jump at the chance to have the most electrifying player in the NFL under center. They've taken bigger risks on players with much less to offer. This time, they should roll the dice on someone special and try to change their franchise.

They likely wouldn't even need to use their 11th overall pick to get Jackson, so theoretically, they could trade back, gather up some more picks, get a quality player later in the first round, and then find a way to snag Jackson at the end of the first round or top of the second. He's worth that risk.

Last week, reports circulated that some teams have been asking Jackson if he would be willing to work out at both quarterback and wide receiver. Teams are worried his thin frame, combined with accuracy issues, would be too much to overcome in the NFL. That concern seems like a joke. Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson — who has a similar skill set as Jackson — was tearing up the NFL in his rookie season before he was injured in practice, and Panthers QB Cam Newton had accuracy and durability issues coming out of Auburn.

To think Jackson can't be just as good as either of those players is wrong. He can be better. He's proven that fact at the collegiate level. Someone will find out if he can duplicate his record-setting pace in the NFL. Why shouldn't that team be the Dolphins?

In light of the facts that coach Adam Gase is making it clear he's all about selecting a quarterback in this draft and that Ryan Tannehill is entering his seventh season as a 30-year-old, unproven, injury-prone quarterback, the time is now for the Dolphins to take a chance on a player who set college defenses on fire. Jackson's style of play could change the NFL.

Lamar Jackson is the future of the NFL. This current Dolphins roster is stuck in the past. Adding Jackson just makes too much sense.

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