Miami Dolphins Reportedly Interested in Signing Randy Moss

Randy Moss sure has had a weird season. The day after the Patriots came to Miami and handed the Dolphins their dorsal tails, he was cut from the team. He ended back in Minnesota, where he just didn't gel with Brett Favre (not that anyone wants to "gel" with Favre lately). Today the Vikings cut him. Apparently, Miami was one of two teams to quickly reach out to Moss's agent following the departure. Interesting.

Joel Segal, the wide receiver's agent, told the Star Tribune his client is "very sad" about the departure but that he has already fielded calls from two interested teams: the Seattle Seahawks and the Miami Dolphins.

Luring Moss would certainly be an interesting move. The Dolphins already have Brandon Marshall, one of the most talented WRs in the NFL (and the highest-paid in its history). Problem is, while the Dolphins' D looks solid, the offense had struggled. Just see this past Sunday's win for proof. The Dolphins scored one TD and prevailed only because Dan Carpenter kicked five field goals.

Clearly, the team needs something to shake up the offense and get it in line.

"They have dangerous receiver Brandon Marshall, but with Moss stretching defenses, Marshall and Davone Bess would have more room to make plays," ESPN writes. "A stagnating run game also would open up with defensive backs playing deeper."

So everyone agrees Miami needs something, but is Moss -- with his history and considerable baggage -- that something?

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Kyle Munzenrieder