Miami-Dade Republicans Name Drop Ronald Reagan

Last night's monthly meeting of Miami-Dade Republicans was an entertaining respite from the LeBronomania enveloping the county. As promised, congressional candidate Paul Crespo demanded that David Rivera, the Republican frontrunner in the U.S. congressional race to replace Mario Diaz-Balart, resign as the local GOP's chairman. Contender Marili Cancio also demanded Rivera step down. Rivera responded by evoking the name of the greatest, most cherished Republican of the 20th Century, Ronald Reagan. The meeting ended with Crespo sniping at a couple of West Miami cops for trying to kick him out. Check out video of the action after the jump.

Our first clip shows state Senate candidate and current state Rep. Julio Robaina extolling his virtues as an enemy of special interests.

Robaina's opponent and former Miami-Dade County Commissioner Miguel Diaz de la Portilla reminded the audience he and his brothers supported Reagan long before it was cool. Was it ever?

Marili Cancio told the crowd she didn't want to be remembered as the candidate who asked David Rivera to resign, then she asked him to resign.

Taking his cue from Diaz de la Portilla, David Rivera name drops Reagan. Nothing fires up the GOP like evoking the Gipper.

And lastly, Paul Crespo confronts West Miami cops who tried to kick him out.

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