Miami-Dade Commission Passes Marijuana-Farming Exploration Resolution

With Floridians looking more and more likely to pass an amendment that would legalize medical marijuana in November, the issue of where all of this medicinal pot will come from is suddenly relevant. Well, this morning, the Miami-Dade County Commission passed a resolution instructing county staff to consider the possible agricultural opportunities medical marijuana legalization could present.

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Commissioner Dennis Moss introduced the legislation in March. Incidentally, his southern district is rich in farmland.

"This Board should be prepared for the possibility that medical marijuana is legalized and its potential effect on agricultural areas," the resolution reads.

"This Board directs the Mayor or Mayor's designee to conduct a study to assess the potential impacts of the legalization of medical marijuana on agricultural areas," it concludes. "The Board further directs the Mayor or Mayor's designee to provide a report to the Board for committee review within sixty (60) days of the effective date of this resolution."

According to Naked Politics, the resolution passed, with only a single dissenting vote, that of Commissioner Javier Souto.

"There was a time when cocaine was considered just a substance that didn't matter," Souto said. "We're dealing with very difficult matters which can inflict tremendous pain and tremendous suffering and tremendous complications for our society."

But it could also spell tremendous cash for our agricultural industry, and with the latest polls showing 88 percent support for medical weed, it seems the amendment will pass anyway.

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