Miami Dade College Registration No Longer Open to All

Used to be anyone with a high school degree or something equivalent could get a seat in a Miami Dade College classroom if they wanted it, but due to budget cuts the school announced today that for the first time in over 40 years they'll be limiting registration. 

"The college's administration can't guarantee that prospective students who would have attended the [Open House events] would be admitted for the fall semester," reads a note on the School's website

MDC, the largest institute of higher learning in the entire country by student population, blames surging enrollment and the recent heavy handed budget cuts passed by the state government. 

The changes will also effect current students: 

"However, the significant reduction in state funding will not allow the College to add any new class sections to the 2009-2010 schedule of classes for the fall term. As a result, several of the classes students need in order to continue their studies or graduate may not be available. It is estimated that close to 30,000 students will not be able to take the classes they need and more than 5,000 will not be able to register for any classes this fall. Students are urged to register early." 

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