Miami Crisis Coming to Your Nintendo DS

You still can't touch GTA: Vice City in the category of Miami-inspired videogames, but that doesn't mean developers shouldn't try. Today, Konomi announced Miami Crisis, which plays like a police procedural. Fancy that, considering the first syllable in the second word rhymes with vice, and crisis include the letters C, S, and I, but, no, it's totally different. OK.

Players can choose between two characters who are linked to two types of game play. Select Martin Law (original name, right?), a Miami PD officer, if you're more into action-adventure games. Pick FBI agent Sara Starling (Clarice's little sister?) if you want a bunch of puzzles. This is probably because years and years of research has shown that boys like shooting things up and girls like to play sudoku. Either way, you'll be solving a series of interconnected crimes right here in the Magic City. Eventually you will defeat terrorism. Forever.

From the few screen caps we've seen from Worth Playing, it seems the game stays pretty true to life in terms of geography, and not only that, but also it seems a lot of the game play happens in the city of Miami as opposed to the already-videogame-colored South Beach.

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