Miami: City of the Future! It'll Be Great Here... Eventually!

Some futurists have looked into their crystal balls and dubbed Miami a "City of the Future."

Does that mean we'll get jet packs and phones implanted directly into our heads before everyone else?

Uh, no, but it means in the future we'll have great "economic potential, human resources, cost effectiveness, quality of life, infrastructure, and business friendliness."

fDi Magazine, a publication of the Financial Times, poured through data from more than 400 North American cities and ranked Miami as number eight overall in the City of the Future category. The Big Orange also ranked well in these subcategories:

#3 - Major City for Lowest Unemployment Rate

#3 - Major City for Best Business Friendliness

#4 - Major City for Best Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Strategy

#5 - Major City of the Future

#5 - Major City for Highest Growth of Companies within Knowledge-Based Sector

#5 - Major City for Best Quality of Life

#8 - North American City of the Future

The only city in Florida that seemed to fare better was archrival Tampa.

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