Miami Blogosphere Sheds Tears of Hope During Inauguration

The last thing in the world Riptide wants to do is step on the feet of Rick at South Florida Daily Blog, but we have a corporate mandate to do some sort of weekly roundup of local blogs. Not that we don't love acknowledging Miami's many fine bloggers, but we're going to try to do something different. Which is to choose a few blog posts on one or two hot topics from around the net and start some sort of dialogue. A diablog, if you will.

Since today is kind of a one-headline day, we decided why not kick off this exciting new venture right this very moment. So without further ado, here is your Barack Obama Inauguration blog roundup (after the jump): 

  • Rick live-blogs the inauguration festivities and notes that "Bush and his posse look like a bunch of funeral directors." He also wonders if Hell is handicapped accessible. Because ex-VP Cheney is in a wheelchair and plans on retiring in his homeland. 
  • Meanwhile, ideological rival Babalu Blog mainly reposts a bunch of things and

    decides to respect Obama, but is really pissed at all of these -- ahem -- "stupid hypocrite fucks,"

    who called Bush a Nazi, but are insisting everyone supports Obama.

    Which is true, because Bush is not a Nazi. He is merely the

    grandson of someone who might have profited from the Nazi war machine.

    Grandpa also raised money for Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, Obama is

    the son of a Laos tribesman, or something. 

  • Alesh has one of those rare moments when the guy he has rooted for since before Iowa actually wins the whole

    thing, but will only enjoy that for about eight years when we elect

    another idiot. Charlie Crist, you're still making your 2016 plans? It

    might be perfect timing. 

  • Fresh off New York's epic war on geese, Obama America is a bad place for pheasants
  • On the last day of the Bush years, Eye on Miami looks back to the beginning -- here in Florida during the recount hullabaloo of 2000. 


blogosphere, welcome to the Obama Era. Which also coincides with the

dawning of the Blog Roundup Era here on Riptide 2.0. We hope both are

successful and prosperous.

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