Miami-Based Designer Cast in Bravo's Project Runway Replacement

Today marks the end of the gayest squabble in TV history since the great Paul Lynde-Charles Nelson Reilly game-show feud of the '70s. The Weinstein Company and NBC Universal have finally settled their legal battle over Project Runway. The Result? ProjRun's sixth season will air as planned on cat-lady channel Lifetime, while Bravo will go ahead with Fashion House, a knock-off series of its former flagship program.

Fashion House will feature a hosting and judging panel consisting of designer and erstwhile TV personality Isaac Mizrahi, Fern Mallis (the lady responsible for NY Fashion Week, not to mention Miami's Swim Fashion Week), and, um, Kelly Rowland.

Among the 15 contestants is Markus, a 33-year-old Miami Beach resident. Markus grew up in Michigan, summered in Manhattan, and got his design schooling in London before settling on the Beach. He's working on his own women's wear label as well as serving as creative director of Metier magazine.

The Project Runway formula will be tweaked just a bit. The contestant will first face off in a mini-challenge (sort of like those on Top Chef and Shear Genius) judged by a Harper's Bizarre editor. Then they'll face off in the elimination challenge. The big kicker is that viewers will get to choose the final winner. The cut-and-sew champ takes home $125,000 and will have his or her line sold in stores.

The show kicks off May 7. To meet the rest of the cast, click here. We've taken a look, and on the surface, they seem wackier than any previous ProjRun castmates. Not sure if that makes for better design, but it might make for tasty reality TV.

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