Miami Amongst America's "Most-Wired" Cities

Every time Forbes publishes another list of "Top XX Best Cities for YYYYY" a part of us is so happy about the easy blog post that will ensue, but another part of us thinks, "ugh, another Forbes listacle."

This time around Miami is number six on the "Most-Wired American Cities" list, an impressive jump from last year's 14th placing. Here is what exactly that means:

Since 2007, Forbes has measured cities' wired quotient by computing the

percentage of Internet users with high-speed connections and the number

of companies providing high-speed Internet. Since many urban residents

access the Internet by wi-fi, we also measure the number of public

wireless Internet hot spots in a particular city.

Breaking it down, we're fifth for broadband adoption, 11th for number of companies offering high-speed access, and 17th for free wi-fi hot spots.

Though, unlike other Forbes lists this one has personal significance for Riptide. We're actually 3 spots higher up on the list than blog meccha NYC. So, now that we know that you, the citizen of Miami, are so very blessed with Internet connections, we will not rest until we become your daily must read internet website blog page to access on your high speed broadband and plentiful wi-fi hotspots.

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