MIA Ranked One of the Worst Airports to Be Stranded At in The World

There's nothing fun about being stranded in an airport. If you're traveling, there's usually somewhere you really, really want to get to, and trying to make yourself comfortable for hours at a time in those uncomfortable airport chairs can make for a miserable time. TripExtras.com asked more than 1000 of its members to rank the best and worst airports for those unplanned extended stays, and probably not surprisingly Miami International Airport was among the worst in the world. 

London Heathrow, however, found itself topping both the best and worst lists as the most popular choice as the world's worst airport to be stranded. Other undesirable airports were Paris CDG, Miami International, New York JFK, and Mumbai Internationa
London, Paris, New York ...at least we're in good company.

The problem with MIA seems to be its limited number of seats, lack of super-fancy travel lounges, and the slim choice of food.

Maybe we really should reconsider that idea to put slot machines in the airport?

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Kyle Munzenrieder