Men Really Love Poles

The New York Times offers a weekly news quiz so there readers can give themselves a pat on the back for reading every friggin' story the Times churns out. The Miami Herald offers no such feature, but we here at Riptide would like to test your Herald reading remembrance.

So we ask you, in which Miami Herald article did this sentence appear: "He first experimented with a pole he ordered online."

a) A sports story about a local Olympic hopeful who didn't discover his talent for pole vaulting until he was 23.

b) A Glenn Garvin review of a made-for-HBO movie about a man who finds himself only sexually attracted to Polish women.

c) A trend piece about men who enjoy pole dancing for fitness purposes.

d) A follow up on our scoop about George Rekers, the anti-gay activist who ordered a rent boy online for nude massages.

Click through for the correct answer.

The correct answer is C! Men and pole dancing!

It's actually a Washington Post wire story with Miami content added in, and a video of a co-ed pole dancing fitness class at Crunch on Miami Beach.

It's a gripping tale about how men are breaking down barriers and gender stereotypes to find a way to work out in the most ridiculous and attention whore-ish way possible. It also offers the observation that men who take pole dancing classes for some reason do not seem to leer at their female classmates. Hmmm.

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Kyle Munzenrieder