Media Gets Shirtless Jail Pics of Justin Bieber; Will Fight for Peeing Video Today in Court

The Miami Beach Police Department today released photos that officers took to document Justin Bieber's various tattoos, which include pictures of the popstar shirtless (because lord knows no one has ever seen that before). The release came just hours after a hearing was set in Miami-Dade Court to decide whether videos of Bieber providing a urine sample will be released as well.

Never have we had such conflicting feelings of "Hell yeah! Freedom of the press!" and "But, wait this is kind of icky and silly" before.

Update: A Miami-Dade judge ruled that indeed the media will get its hand on the video of Bieber providing a urine sample in the coming days. However, images of his penis will be censored.

"He has not lost his expectation of dignity, and that's what's most important here," he said.

Whether or not anyone else lost their dignity by fighting for this video is up to you to decide.

Original story:

You can view the full slideshow of 18 pictures over at CBS Miami, but here's the, uh, money shots we guess.

At 1 p.m. lawyers representing media outlets including CBS Miami, the Miami Herald, the Sun-Sentinel, the Associated Press and CNN will argue for the release of video that depicts Bieber supplying a urine sample in a Miami Beach police station. The media outlets had already successfully argued for the release of 10 hours of other surveillance footage taken in the station. Because Bieber's defense team had asked to review the footage it is now considered public record under Florida law.

Roy Black, the mega-lawyer and Real Housewives husband representing Bieber, argues that the final snippet of video should be withheld to protect Bieber's right to privacy.

In previous arguments, the lawyers representing the media outlets have suggested they'd be fine with MBPD blocking out images of Bieber's actual Bieber-hood before the release of the video. Yet, they're still fighting to see video of Bieber pissing into a cup. What a weird world we live in. We should probably go and write a post about Venezuela or actual news now.

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