McCain Isn't The Only Pol Who's Unsure Where He Lives

Politicians, as you may know, don't have hearts. Since "home is where the heart is," it's no surprise that so many of them can't keep track of exactly where they live. Take John McCain. The 71-year-old senility major recently couldn't recall how many houses he owns. Barack Obama responded with an ad saying, "Seven houses, and here's one house America can't afford to let John McCain move into," with a picture of the White House. Har har.

The ad might not stick with Miami voters. We have a habit with not caring where a candidate calls home.

Two candidates for the Redland Community Council might not even live in the area. They're both running unopposed and The Herald is reporting that "the council election has failed to garner much community interest." Well, we guess it's cool to play fast and loose with election laws as long as no one cares.

Meanwhile candidates for the School Board and the County Commission are also facing questions over residency issues. Larry Feldman, a school board candidate, rented a small apartment in Pinecrest to qualify for a seat, but his wife still lives in West Kendall. Though he implied to a Herald reporter that he still makes "conjugal visits" in West Kendall every Saturday. Awkward, but it brings up an interesting solution to this mess. Candidate's official place of residence should be the place where they get it on the most.

This could lead to some heated races in districts with a high number of whore houses.

Kyle Munzenrieder

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