McCain Actually Ahead in Florida Early Voting?

Charlie Crist took a lot of heat from his fellow Republicans for extending early voting. And with Democrats making up 54% of early voters compared to the Republican's 30%, it seemed like Obama would have the advantage, but a new LA Times/Bloomberg poll shows that McCain has a significant lead over Obama in Floridians that have already voted: 49-45. Though, this factors in absentee ballot as well (and Republican absentee voters have largely outnumbered Democrats). Though, they warn that this data has a large margin of error.

However, the same poll showed that amongst likely Florida voter Obama still has the support of 50% to McCain's 47%. In any event, it's going to be a tight one.

Update:a Quinnipiac University poll showed early voters favoring Obama 58-34, but the Conservatives over at the National Review are quick to point out Kerry also had a similar (though, slightly smaller) margin in pollster's early voting predictions.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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