Mayor Carlos Alvarez Pens Love Letter to the Heat for ESPN

If you're the Mayor of Miami-Dade County and you're facing a well-funded recall effort, how do you drum up some good will? With all eyes on the Miami Heat, writing an open love letter to the 305 dream team for isn't a bad idea. That's what Carlos Alvarez has done.

The first half is a well-worn trip down the street of Miami sports history. Alvarez loves the 'Canes and Dolphins, and mentions the slow beginnings of the Heat and the '06 championship. Strangely for a guy who took so much heat for his role in guaranteeing that the Marlins got their under construction stadium, he doesn't mention the baseball team.

Then he refutes some criticism of the Heat and Miami sports fans:

As mayor, I wholeheartedly welcome our newest additions in Chris Bosh, Eddie House, Juwan Howard, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Mike Miller and LeBron James. They have each received their fair share of criticism for deciding to play for Miami, but we've always been the kind of town that embraces opportunity, diversity and new beginnings. We may not have the history of Boston or the loyalty of Los Angeles, but we have D-Wade, Bosh, Udonis and, of course, The King. I love this city we call home and I love our sports teams, and we couldn't be more excited to silence the critics again.

It's a funny stigma the sports world has pegged on Miami. We are notorious for our so-called bandwagon jumpers and fair-weather fans, and to a certain extent, it's true. We love our winners and harshly critique those same winners when things go wrong. But it's what makes us unique.

Soon enough, basketball fans around the world will see just how much love Miami has to give. Soon enough, basketball fans will see that in Miami, and only Miami, the Heat is on.

Of course, Alvarez sure knows something about Miamians loving winners and than harshly criticizing them when things go wrong. Just a few years after pushing his strong mayor initiative, he's facing a recall.

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Kyle Munzenrieder