Mayor Alvarez Successfully Stalls Recall Attempt

Miami-Dade Carlos Alvarez has successfully, if only temporarily, bought himself some time to breath. Billionaire Norman Braman's recall effort collected about 112,000 signature and seemed to be heading to a ballot, but Alvarez's lawyers are fighting the effort on a procedural technicality. The two sides met in court this morning, and Judge Israel Reyes has postponed his ruling until December 1.

Braman's effort to recall Alvarez following controversial pay hikes for County employees and property tax hikes for residents seemed to be chugging along full speed ahead. Braman's staff had collected the required number of signatures, but a particular signature is at question.

Braman's recall effort was certified by the Clerk of Courts, but the letter certifying the signatures was signed off by a deputy clerk, and not Clerk Harvey Ruvin. Technically that would violate the county charter.

The irony here is that Alvarez's strong mayor effort was signed off by deputy clerk before heading to the ballot.

Ruvin himself said he did in fact review the signatures, but had the deputy clerk sign off on the measure for him.

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