Uncle Money Bags would just like to visit his life partner, Scrooge McDuck, in the hospital.

Maybe Money Does Buy Class

Once the McCain camp realized it needed something to run on besides "Hey, at least our guy didn't serve on some board with a washed up old terrorist," they decided to brand Obama as a "spread the wealth" Socialist. Well, the people who would suffer the most financially under socialism, and likely will see their taxes increased under an Obama administration, voted for him. Yep, according to CNN exit poll people who make more than $200,000 a year voted for Obama nationally at a rate of 52%. In Florida they voted for him 51% of the time. A strong reversals from 2004, as the same group voted for Bush 66% of the time nationally.

More interestingly, they were also one of the very few demographic groups were the majority voted no on amendment two at a whopping rate of 60%. In fact, in all of CNN's demographic slicing and dicing that group voted higher against the amendment than any other group except for self described Liberals, white Democrats, Jews and Irreligious folk.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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