Matthew Bellamy, Thrown Out of Cleveland Ballpark in Heat Jersey, Tells His Side of the Story

Matthew Bellamy provided some, apparently, much needed catharsis for angry Cleveland sports fans Wednesday. He showed up at a Cleveland Indians game in LeBron James Miami Heat jersey and got booed out of the stadium. Now he's telling his side of the story, and apparently fans weren't the only ones angry at him. Even the police officer who escorted him out of the stadium called him an "asshole."

Bellamy, who caused the sensation in a white Heat jersey, sat down with with a local Cleveland news station to give his side of his story, in a red Heat jersey, naturally.

"I had three glasses of beer thrown at me, which ruined one of my jerseys, peanuts were flying, pieces, parts of food were flying. We weren't able to get to our seats cause they wouldn't let us sit down," Bellamy said. "I understand it's a little fresh still. But he was born and raised in Ohio. You can't turn your back on him that quick. At least I can't."

He also adds that even the uniformed police officer got in on the rage, "The cop called me a few names that I really don't appreciate... He just called me an a-hole a few times so I really don't appreciate that."

Previous reports from the blog Cleveland Frowns says Bellamy was born in Lakeland, Florida but moved to Sandysky, Ohio when he was 11. He was also wearing an Ohio Buckeyes hat with his LeBron Jersey (hold your hate, 'Canes fans).

Bellamy also said he'd move to Florida too if he could find a way.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.