Marlins Prez David Samson Officially Announced as Survivor Cast Member

As hard as it seemed to believe, reports that Miami Marlins president David Samson had taken off in the middle of the season to go film a reality TV show weren't rumors. He was officially announced today as a cast member of CBS's Survivor: Cagayan.

This season of the long-running show will split contestants into the three tribes: Beauty, Brawn and Brains. Despite the fact that Samson's brain can't seem to develop any plans or direction for a successful baseball franchise, he'll be part of the "Brain" tribe, possibly by default. Here he is with his tribe-mates:

If his success on the show is anything like his success in the MLB, he'll have his tribe statistically eliminated from winning by, what, the fourth episode? That's how Survivor works, right?

Samson isn't the only sports figure in the cast. A former NFL chair leader and NBA all-star Cliff Robinson will also be out there with him, trying to survive and what not.

Our feelings on this news haven't changed since we first heard the unconfirmed reports:

But wait a minute? He went off to film a reality television show right in the middle of the Marlins' season? Granted we really don't think much of Samson. His presence wouldn't have somehow saved the team's season, but it just goes to show how seriously he takes his job as president of a Major League Baseball team that he saw it fit to scoot off half way around the world to film a reality TV show that is well past its prime.

The season is scheduled to premiere February 26th on CBS.

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