Marlins Now Just Openly Hinting They'd Trade Giancarlo Stanton For The Right Price

While Marlins assistant general manager Dan Jennings insists the team isn't actively looking to sell its lone remaining star Giancarlo Stanton, he is publicly stating that if the right deal came along the team would be open to unload him. Which is sort of like sitting on a street corner with a bunch of fake Rolexes in your trench coat while whispering at any passerby that you might want to strike a deal.

"Oh, I think that's been our [modus operandi]. I know in the 10 years I've been here, that's our M.O.," Jennings said on the Sirius/XM/MLB Network Radio this weekend. "We've never not listened to a deal on any player. Sometimes I chuckle when I hear people say, 'This guy's untouchable,' and 'That guy's untouchable.' You know what? They may be untouchable, until someone either overwhelms you or you get a package back that makes such a significant improvement on your club going forward. So we've always been willing to listen."

"But what we are not going to do is move a player for less than what we value their ability. And Giancarlo Stanton, you've got a 22-year-old guy we think going forward has got a chance to be a .300 hitter and (hit) 50 home runs and be a guy who is a big-time run producer. So while we're not shopping him, certainly not looking to move him, yeah, if someone knocked on our door and said, 'Hey, would you guys consider this and this and this,' you have to listen."

So, you got that? While they don't officially have a price tag and a "for sale" sign on Stanton, his price is available on request.

Certainly this should be no surprise. The Marlins are notorious wheelers and dealers. Unfortunately, no deal can bring stability and fan faith back to the franchise.

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Kyle Munzenrieder