Marlins Manager Jack McKeon to Retire at End of Season

We're actually surprised that 80-year-old Marlins manager Jack McKeon made it to the end of the season. After dusting him off in the middle of the year, the Marlins have now been informed, to the surprise of no one, that McKeon will go back into retirement as soon as this painful, painful season finally ends.

McKeon became the second oldest manager in MLB history when he was named to lead the Fish on an interim basis after the abrupt resignation of Edwin Rodriguez last June. McKeon had previously taken the team to its second World Series win in 2003, but retired in 2005.

No one really expected him to make the move with the Marlins to their new Miami stadium, but its official now. Fittingly perhaps. McKeon represents both the highs (World Series!) and the lows (this season) of the Marlins. Along with that colorful new logo and costly new stadium, it's only fitting the team finds a new manager. Somewhere, Bobby Valentine's ears are ringing.

Somehow we doubt that McKeon will be the only person associated with the team who doesn't make the trip when the team goes FTM (Florida to Miami, that is) next season. Get ready for what we really, really hope is an active off season. 

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