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Marlins in the Midst of An Amazing Non-Sucking Streak

The Miami Marlins have recently shocked the sports world by going on a breathtaking run in which the team has not completely sucked. A team that started of the season with just five wins in their first 24 games suddenly can now be described with such high praise as "competent," "slightly better than average," and "not a completely soul-crushing collection of suck that may be world's the biggest embarrassment to professional sports." Yes, somehow over their last nine games, the Marlins have managed to accomplish the amazing feat of winning more games than they've lost.

In that period, the Marlins have managed to win an entire five games! Oh sure, they still sit at the bottom of the National League and have the second-worst record in the game, but for a group of little known players under the control of the most hated owner in sports this is just really been an amazingly mediocre streak.

Snark aside, what does makes this mini-streak interesting is the fact that the team has been playing without Giancarlo Stanton for the past seven games. The nominal star of the team is out with a hamstring injury until at least June.

In his place is 22-year-old Marcell Ozuna who was called up from the minors. Dude has been on fire, and even earned a sunny writeup in the Miami Herald after just eight games. Who knows? If this kid keeps producing, Jeffrey Loria could be trading him away in a heartbreaking deal in no time.

At this pace, we can only imagine how this magical season could end? Dare we start dreaming of a fourth place finish in the East?

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