Marlins: Double Play Heaven


Last time we turned to Florida Marlins baseball, we watched a mediocre team being pummeled by the best in the game. The New York Yankee fans were giggling at the ineptitude of a school of Fish that could only garner three hits.

It was pathetic, But that was last night. And tonight it's all forgotten. That's because of two beautiful double plays that ended first a rally by the Yanks in the eighth and then the game in the ninth. That's because Dan Uggla is an ace at second. Hanley Ramirez is a pro at short. Matt Lindstron is really not that bad a closer even though his ERA is 2 million or something like that. And Derek Jeter is a twit,

Yeah, Jeter ended the rally in the eighth with a hit right up the middle that my nine year old son (it's his birthday todaym by the way) coulda turned for a double play,

More good news. Josh Johnson held that awesome line-up to theee hits. And Uggla, who was an all star last year but has pretty much been stinkin' ever since at the plate, turned it around with a home run. And there were 46,000 fans in the seats. Did I mention that?

The whole thing just really helped me love baseball....at least partly because I hate hate hate the Yankees, 


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