Marijuana Didn't Make the Face-Eater Go Nuts

Pretend Pot

Legalize it already: The backstory behind the dangerous, violent world of synthetic-marijuana production in South Florida ("Totally Incensed," Chris Sweeney, September 13) is missing one key point. If natural marijuana were legal or decriminalized, there would be absolutely no market whatsoever for the fake stuff. Loryder

Drug war symptoms: Synthetic pot — and all of the crazy reactions it causes — just shows one of the main problems with the drug war: The harder the feds crack down, the nastier the drugs get. Teknik

No-good substitute: Legalize marijuana already so people don't have to smoke this crap. Pattern awareness

Smut Blackmail

Pornographers lack ethics?: It's totally blackmail for porn companies to be using a loophole in Florida's law to go after illegal downloaders ("Money Shot," Michael E. Miller, September 13). Who would have thought that some of the folks in the porn industry aren't above a little blackmail to boost the bottom line? BillxT

Hairy Situation

Stick up for Gabby: It's about time someone defended gymnast Gabrielle Douglas ("A Hairy Escape," Luther Campbell, September 13), who should be a hero to African-American women. The people who ridiculed her for her hair are just as ignorant as the people who mistreated her in her previous gym for being black. It is no different. We have a young hero among us, and we should all be proud of this young lady who, despite all of the negative feelings toward her, has shown grace and class. I have hope for our young kids today because of her. Teri

She caved: You are so right, Uncle Luke. But unfortunately, those around Gabby Douglas caved in to the criticism, and when she appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards, she seemed to be sporting a weave. ANAON

Psycho Weed

Experts on drugs: Your "experts" must be high or grabbing at straws if they're telling you that marijuana alone might have made Rudy Eugene chew off Ronald Poppo's face ("Pot Problems," Tim Elfrink, September 13). Why is this country so against pot? Maybe it's because the government and big business can't make any money off of it unless they legalize it. And we all know that won't be happening for a while because there are a few more generations kicking around that still have the mindset that if you smoke pot, you're apt to think you can fly and jump out a window or possibly eat someone's face off thinking you're enjoying a filet mignon while out on a date at a new restaurant. My God, there is absolutely no marijuana ever that could make you do that, with or without mental illness. Where did your so-called experts get their degrees? Out of a Cracker Jack box? Woawnellie

What about the pills?: The initial police report said pills were found in Rudy Eugene's stomach. Yet the follow-up toxicology report mentioned nothing about them. I have seen no journalist ask, What were those pills? Palangana

Listen to both sides: Great article, particularly the part about how Dr. Roger Roffman is supporting Washington's marijuana legalization efforts so we can have a more honest discussion about the pros and cons of pot smoking. Objectivity and research should dictate policy, not biased hippie potheads or uptight asshole religious conservatives. Danny Arango

Dangerous Driving

Don't trust the cops: The number of cops using the excuse that cars were being wielded as "deadly weapons" to justify shootings is just wrong ("Drive and Die," Michael E. Miller, September 13). Don't forget that the police-involved shooting of a driver during Urban Beach Week in South Beach last year was totally unprovoked and ridiculously dangerous to bystanders. But hey, what else can be the outcome when you're dealing with a bunch of insecure, armed reprobates with immunity to the very laws they are enforcing? Absurd

Cops should shoot: This piece definitely makes some interesting points, but the line "armed with just a car" makes it sound like it's a banana or something. If a dude is coming at you in a car, you fire. If you aren't in front of the car but step in front of that car (giant cojones, bro) to stop it and the dude doesn't oblige, you fire. Either way, the criminal is at fault. The only circumstance that isn't right is if the cop shoots the person in the back. Justifiable

No problems here: Whatever the reasons for shooting, it's awesome — one less criminal clogging up the prisons and overburdening the courts. Harry The Handyman

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