Marco Rubio Tricked The Tea Party

Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness once made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke reassesses Sen. Marco Rubio's Tea Party credentials.

I need to thank Marco Rubio. He really stuck it to the Tea Party. He played those fools into voting for him. He had been keeping up appearances until early May, when he was a guest on NBC's Meet the Press, voicing support for Rep. Paul Ryan's plan to slash $500 million from Medicare.

Rubio told host David Gregory: "I will support any plan that saves Medicare, doesn't impact seniors, and doesn't hurt economic growth. The Ryan plan does that."

But entering his sixth month on Capitol Hill, the West Miami Cuban-American has begun to distance himself from the folks who want to "take back America." Some hard-core Tea Partiers are thinking about revoking Rubio's membership in the clan. His campaign rhetoric promised a tough stance on immigration, but now he's waffling. They are not happy.

Despite claiming he will vote against the Dream Act, which would create a path to citizenship for some children of illegal immigrants, he hasn't pushed for other radical immigration reforms proposed by the Tea Party, whose members are starting to take notice. Sarasota Tea Party activist George Fuller recently told the Miami Herald: "He wants to have it both ways. We're zeroing in on him like a laser."

I think it's hilarious that Rubio used the Tea Party to get elected when he knew damn well he couldn't mess with immigration law. They'll run his ass out of Miami. He made those Tea Party people feel like he was down with them, but he was really a wolf in sheep's clothing. After they made him the first Cuban to get a white robe and hood, Rubio is turning his back on the Aryan nation.The Tea Party's number one priority is kicking all the people who are not a perfect shade of white out of the country. That is what Rubio signed up for.

Now he's flip-flopping, which makes me wonder: Is it voter fraud when you trick people into believing you are a member of their party to win their votes?

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