Marco Rubio Says He'll Make Presidential Decision "In the Coming Weeks"

Marco Rubio Says He'll Make Presidential Decision "In the Coming Weeks"

Marco Rubio hasn't even completed a full term in the Senate, but he's taking the presidential buzz that surrounds him (or used to, anyway) seriously. He says he'll decide whether or not to make a bid for the White House in the coming weeks.

Rubio was on a Colombian radio station yesterday when he was asked about a possible run.

"For me, the decision is made based on the following: I have my agenda that I have talked about for more than four years and the decision that I have to make is where is the best place to advance this agenda as a presidential candidate or continue at the majority in the Senate," Rubio said. "That is a decision I will make in the coming weeks along with my family because it requires a whole series of things."

Rubio, a member of the Senate's Foreign Relations committee, spent the past two days in Bogota to meet political, business and civic leaders, and to discuss things like peace and counter-narcotic operations.

Apparently, however, Rubio's reputation as a possible presidential candidate followed him all the way to South America.

Rubio's popularity in Republican circles have cooled off a bit from the superstar status he attained upon election to the Senate. Even in Florida, most polls indicate that Republicans would prefer a Jeb Bush presidency to a Rubio presidency, but political popularity can shift wildly.

Rubio of course would be up for reelection to his Senate seat in 2016, a so a serious run for president could possibly mean abandoning his Senate seat.

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