Marco Rubio Is Jeb Bush's Mini-Me

Next week, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio will take to the steps of Miami's Freedom Tower, the iconic building that was the first stop for Cuban immigrants in the 1960s. The Republican golden boy will officially announce his run for president in 2016. He wants to make everybody believe he's fit to be commander in chief.

In reality, he's jumping in only to help his longtime buddy, Jeb Bush, win the GOP nomination.

By entering the race, Rubio will siphon votes away from other Tea Party heroes like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, who also want to be president. Don't believe Rubio when he says he doesn't owe Bush anything. Both candidates are collecting from the same big-money Republican donors. If Bush emerges as the Republican contender and beats likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Rubio will be rewarded with a cabinet post in Jeb's administration.

Political pundits are swooning over Rubio because they think he can court Hispanic voters, who are fast becoming the majority in America. The reality is Rubio cannot win a nationwide contest because he is on the wrong side of many issues. In February at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which is really a gathering of redneck Republican Ku Klux Klan members, Rubio distanced himself from the bipartisan immigration bill he cosponsored in 2013. If he really believes that voters of Mexican and Central American descent, who outnumber Cuban-Americans across the nation, are casting ballots for him, he must be smoking crack. Since Rubio doesn't want to fight for immigrants, he should hold his speech at Krome Detention Center.

Heck, Rubio won't even win the Cuban-American vote because a majority of this group supports lifting the embargo and re-establishing diplomatic relations with the Cuban government — which he is adamantly against.

Recently, Rubio said he supported Indiana's new law that allows people and businesses, under the protection of religious freedom, to discriminate against gays. So he definitely won't win the LGBT vote.

Rubio is nothing more than a shill for his pal Jeb.

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