Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist Still Sniping at Each Other

Charlie Crist, in his new form as a Democrat, is running against Governor Rick Scott, but that doesn't mean he won't be attacking his former Senate campaign rival Marco Rubio apparently.

Crist and Rubio got into a public snit today after Crist said that Rubio had "endorsed" Obamacare.

Earlier this weeks news came that Rubio had signed his family up for health insurance under the federal healthcare exchange and accepted a 75 percent federal subsidy to do so. Though, thanks to an amendment to the law authored by Republican Chuck Grassley, legislators would either have to get health insurance through health care exchanges or buy their own on the open market.

According to The Buzz, Crist is trying to peddle around an op-ed to Florida newspaper in which he blasts Rubio for the move.

"Senator Marco Rubio's endorsement of Obamacare for his own family should end the rhetoric coming from Governor Rick Scott and other tea party groups," he wrote. "As many news outlets reported recently, in addition to enrolling his family through the new exchange, Rubio is also receiving federal subsidies - this is good news for his family."

Rubio was not pleased.

"As a trial lawyer, Charlie Crist should know the difference between following the law and endorsing it," he told The Herald. "Maybe this will help: the country is now deeper in debt because of the laws Charlie Crist endorsed, while millions of Floridians are paying more in taxes because they're following the laws Charlie Crist signed as Governor."

Even though their political face-off ended more than three years ago, it seems this too will never tire at publicly bickering with each other.

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