Marc Sarnoff's Propane Huffing Nemesis Arrested Again for Violating Restraining Order

Reid Welch, the self-appointed nemesis of Miami City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff who once told Riptide, "I inhale propane gas to get high, but I am not the least bit nutty," has been arrested once again. Welch has been charged with aggravated stalking for breaking a restraining order that ordered him to have no contact with Sarnoff or his wife.

Welch was well known for riding around Coconut Grove after huffing propane and tearing down Sarnoff's re-election signs. In late October, Welch was removing sings from Sarnoff's very own home when the commissioner and the propane enthusiast got into a skirmish that was captured on video.

After the incident, Sarnoff took out a restraining order against Welch. Welch had already been arrested in December for sending an email to Sarnoff. Even email contact was forbidden by the order, despite Sarnoff being Welch's own city commissioner.

The details of the latest incident are unknown, but Welch was in court today in a gray a-shirt.

His bond was set at $5,000, but he will be held until Monday because of a preexisting misdemeanor charge.

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