Man Who Authored Florida's Gay-Marriage Ban Worries About "End of Gender in Society"

The biggest loser of the day: John Stemberger, director of the Florida Family Policy Council and author of 2008's Amendment 2, which banned same-sex marriage in Florida.

Stemberger called a press conference today in Tallahassee to react to the news that marriage certificates were being issued to gay couples here in Miami-Dade, and, boy (or girl... or non-gender binary identify person) did it seem like a wild ride.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Stemberger said the biggest negative effect of same-sex marriage in Florida would be "the end of gender in society" and complained that terms like "man" and "wife" would be replaced by nongendered terms like "Party A" and "Party B."

Which, OK, seems like a pretty good time for gender in society right now. There are so many types of genders nowadays. There used to be only two. Actually, gender is flourishing!

Stemberger also challenged Equality Florida to a "hate-mail-off," which also makes no sense.

"I would challenge Equality Florida to have a hate-mail competition and put our mail up against theirs and see who really is spewing hate in this campaign,'' he said.

Yes, that seems like a really important and productive thing to do.

Online, Stemberger also worried that all of these gay marriages would overshadow Gov. Rick Scott's inaugural prayer breakfast tomorrow:

I am a Co-Chair of the Governor's Inaugural Prayer Breakfast and will be attending Governor Scott's swearing-in ceremony. It will be interesting to see how the media even covers the Governor's solemn events with all the media frenzy of these same-sex marriages going down across the state.

In the end, Stemberger vowed to continue fighting. The FFPC has already filed a lawsuit in Manatee County to stop the county clerk from issuing gay-marriage certificates and plans to do the same in other counties. However, he admitted the group's biggest hope is for the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene.

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