Man Trying to Walk Naked From Georgia to Miami Arrested While on Cough Syrup

Earlier this month, police spotted a 22-year-old man walking stark naked down the main business district of Sebastian, Florida. When they approached him he explained that he had decided to walk from Georgia to Miami, and at some point decided that clothes would hamper this 600 mile journey. Oh, and, yeah, he was sipping syrup at the time.

According to Off The Beat, the incident happened on November 11th just before midnight. Jon Erik Meyer was spotted sporting little more than his beard while walking south down the stretch of US 1 that runs through Sebastian.

Obviously when police began asking him questions he seemed confused. He said he wasn't quite sure where he was, but had been walking from Columbus, GA to Miami.

He explained that he had taken his clothes off a while ago while walking down the sidewalk. The police report does not make reference to the presence of shoes either. Maybe he was just making a pilgrimage to the para sucia capitol.

Meyer admitted that he had taken cough syrup that included DMX. Drinking too much cough syrup can lead to a high known as "roboripping." Though police said they also detected the scent of alcohol.

He was charged with disorderly intoxication and taken to jail.

We would like to thank the Sebastian PD for stopping this man before he got to Miami.

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