Man Named "VoteForEddie.Com" to Challenge Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart

Barring a major scandal or a major demographic change in his district, local Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart isn't in danger of losing his seat anytime soon, and anyone trying to beat him isn't going to get much attention. Unless of course the person running against Diaz-Balart decides to do something crazy, like, say legally change his name to a website address.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet VoteForEddie.com.

VoteForEddie.Com used to be known as Eddie Gonzalez until he decided to run as an independent to challenge Diaz-Balart in District 21. Then he decided to legally change his name VoteForEddie.Com and has qualified for the ballot as such. He's apparently the first candidate in Florida's history to get a website on the ballot.

Obviously his campaign website can be found at voteforeddie.com, and not the now slightly more accurate VoteForVoteForEddie.Com.Com.

So what's VoteForEddie.Com all about? Apparently ending America's addiction to oil. This video explains more.

Ah man, we were hoping for a platform almost as insane as his name (not that anyone with a sane mind thinks VoteForEddie.Com's plan could actually pass through our Congress, for better or worse).

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