Man in LeBron Heat Jersey Shows Up at Cleveland Indians Game, Gets Thrown Out

People in Cleveland are still pissed about that whole "LeBron James betrayed our town on a self-congratulatory, national live TV special for the Heat" thing. Jeez, come on folks, it's been a full three weeks now. Last night a man wearing an official LeBron James Miami Heat jersey at Cleveland Indians home game against the New York Yankees and ended up having to be escorted out by security.

So the guy, who was apparently born in Florida but moved to Ohio, shows up in the Heat jersey and doesn't do anything to provoke being thrown out. However fans started chanting, "Asshole, asshole" and "Fuck LeBron" over and over again and police decided to escort him out.

Some fans start high-fiving each other as he's taken out. Probably because Cleveland sports fan don't have much to high-five about anymore.

Jeez, the actual evil empire of sports is on the field and all they can do is boo one guy for wearing a jersey?

Then again, we're speaking from a town where wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt in public never ends well, so we guess we understand.

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