Man Forced to Strip, Carjacked in Florida Strip Club Parking Lot

A Jacksonville man headed to the Bottom Upz strip club this weekend with hopes of seeing the ladies deprived of their clothes. Apparently something went horribly wrong and he was the one who ended up without his clothes, and without his truck.

According to, the man drove into the club's parking lot early Sunday morning. He was followed by a silver Ford truck. He parked, and the Ford parked next to him. He got out of his car. So did the man in the Ford.

That's when the assailant in the truck greeted the man with a silver pistol. He shoved it in his face and made the man take of his clothes and lie face down on the parking lot's asphalt. No word on whether he was made to put his ass up, or if that's the way the criminal likes to fuck ...over his victims.

The assailant then took his car, and an accomplice drove off in the Ford.

Some people will say that strip clubs invite crime into a neighborhood, but even those critics usually don't imagine that the crime actually involved forced stripping.

Hopefully there were a couple of girls or open minded guys in the parking lot who at least tossed a few dollar bills his way.

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