Male Prom Queen Omar Bonilla's Parents Kick Him Out

It's a good sign that kids today are a bit more progressive when enough students at Flanagan High in Pembroke Pines voted to place Omar Bonilla, an openly gay student who wanted to attend prom as his drag persona "Allison," third in the results for prom queen (though, we understand if the fourth place finisher isn't exactly thrilled with it). It's kind of a bad sign that high school administrations still bumbled their handling of it, and ended up suspending Bonilla, forcing him to miss prom.

The school's principal decided to ask Bonilla to wear a tuxedo, supposedly fearful that some students may try to beat him up (which just reeks blaming the victim). He had two meetings with Bonilla, and the student was late to one and parked in a visitors spot. He refused to move it, and was suspended for two days, which means he had to miss prom. It just smacks of trying to find anyway possible to avoid the controversy, doesn't it?

Bonilla however did get to reign as a prom queen this weekend, but sadly his parents decided to kick him out of the house.

Bonilla was crowned queen of the Pridelines Youth Service's gay prom Saturday night at Florida International University's Biscayne Bay Campus. The soiree also crowned a female king, and was hosted by "celebrities" Glenn Douglas Packard (that guy from Brooke Knows Best) and his boyfriend Daniel Miagany (some model).

The win was bittersweet though. Bonilla's parents kicked him out of the house Sunday morning reports the Herald . He plans to stay with friends in the meantime.

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